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  • As you add more content to your site, it is important to remove all the sample pages and posts. First, Google will index that content and associate it with you. Do you really want to be associated with […]

  • Jetpack is a collection of widgets:

    Social sharing (display live LinkedIn and Facebook buttons on your site)
    Subscriptions (enable automatic email updates each time you post on your site)
    Simple site statistics (which pages are being used the most)
    Media integration (easily embed YouTube videos)
    Twitter integration (display a twitter feed)
    Contact form (easily create a special form)
    and many more.

    To use Jetpack:

    Go to Dashboard and click on Plugins, find “Jetpack by” in the list, and click Activate
    You will see a message on the top of the screen “Jetpack is almost ready…”. You need an account on to use Jetpack (click here to create one). Link your account.
    Jetpack is ready to use after activation. Many features are automatically enabled. Click on Jetpack on the top left of the dashboard, to configure all the options. New widgets will be available in the list of widgets such as “Subscribe.”

  • If you have completed an interesting project, showcase it on the site! Options include:

    Upload the document (e.g., PowerPoint) of the project (click Add Media in the editor) and provide a brief description on the site.
    If the project resulted in a visual (e.g., a graph) then take a screen shot of the graph and save it as a .jpg or .png file and upload it.

    To take a screen shot, Start Word, click Insert at the top, select Screenshot, and chose one of the options.
    When the screen shot is displaying inside Word, right click the image and click Save As Picture.

  • There are two ways to add pictures:

    If you have a picture, click Add Media on the top while in the editor.
    To add ‘clip art’ – enter a keyword in the ImageInject box below while in the editor. The image below was sourced from ImageInject by typing in the keyword ‘Philadelphia’.  ImageInject respects copyright regulations and will only show images that allow use and their conditions of use (click Dashboard, Settings, ImageInject).

    Philadelphia photo



  • Use a post to describe an internship.  Write about your responsibilities, skills used and skills learned, projects you worked on, etc.  Add in pictures and a link to the company’s about page.

  • Download: PDF
    Make your resume available on this page in two ways:

    Format it nicely so that it appears on this page.
    Include a downloadable version as shown above. Use the CSPD template (click here) for […]

  • Go to the Dashboard, Click Appearance, then Widgets, select Pages (on the left) and drag that widget to the Primary Widget Area (on the right). Title the widget “My information” or “About me” – depending on how […]

  • Use ‘posts’ for dynamic content such as projects and events as well as personal reflections that might go in a blog. Using ‘posts’ also ensures that you will show up in the site wide activity feed.

    To display […]

  • Josie Smith
    BBA in MIS, Fox School of Business, Temple University

    Thanks for looking at my eportfolio! I am originally from Lancaster, PA and went to ABC High. I am […]

    • I am not majoring in MIA, but I feel it is a growing field and the skills I can learn from this class will be transferable to my major. I am excited to where it will take me!

    • I’m not majoring in MIS, but this major is very interesting and has a lot to it

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