What is an e-portfolio?

An e-portfolio, also known as electronic portfolio, digital portfolio, or electronic resume, is a collection of documents that display your skill sets and body of work. These documents are displayed on the web on a page that the user updates frequently. The e-portfolio is more formal than a Facebook page but more creative and open than a LinkedIn page. You can link your e-portfolio to LinkedIn – look for the “WordPress” option on LinkedIn.

Why should you create an e-portfolio?

An e-portfolio allows you to have a presence online so that people that are interested in you and your work can easily find you. This page can serve as your professional portfolio of work. Your site will automatically get placed into search engines and people will be able to find you easily on the Internet.

What are some examples of work that I can include in my e-portfolio?

Include your resume as well as current and past projects. For example, you may want to showcase your capstone project or any other project that you did particularly well on. You can include the PowerPoint slides of the project (use the Save as PDF option) or you can record a YouTube video of your presentation. You can also include more complete descriptions of your work experience such as specific responsibilities and your thoughts and ideas on what you learned from the experience. Finally, you can personalize your e-portfolio by including professional pictures.

How can I use my e-portfolio?

You should include the URL of your e-portfolio in your resume. You should also include the link to your e-portfolio in your email signature – especially when you communicate with industry professionals.

What is the difference among resumes, curriculum vitae’s, and e-portfolios?

The primary differences between a resume and a curriculum vitae (CV) are the length, what is included and what each is used for. A resume is a one or two page summary of your skills, experience and education. A Curriculum Vitae is a longer (at least two page) and more detailed synopsis. The CV elaborates on the education more than a resume does. CVs are usually used in academics and medical careers and are much more comprehensive. An e-portfolio is where you can gather all of your information together in one space and customize it. The e-portfolio allows you to showcase your skill sets in depth and allows you to present your work.

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