My Interests

My interests are Jesus Christ, spirituality, innovating new ideas and concepts mostly for businesses, going to networking events, planning, learning new things, organizing, participating in clubs, reading, baking, cooking, traveling, and exploring new and old things.

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  • Hey Yarizet,
    I also have interest in Entrepreneurship even though I am an Economics major. I feel like innovating new ideas and concepts for businesses is something that I would be good at and I’m thinking about pursuing an Innovation & Entrepreneurship minor! If I do end up doing that, I am excited to work with you, since our interests are so in line, and wish you great luck!

  • Hi Yarizet,
    I hope your semester is going well! Your site covers diverse interests and passions that I resonate with. From your love for traveling and exploring new things to your innovative mindset in business and Management Information Systems (MIS). As a Biology major with a minor in MIS, I was hoping to integrate aspects of MIS into the life sciences industry. Wishing you the best on your learning journey.

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