My Interests

I am very interested in Formula One. I stay up to date with all the races, drivers, and technical improvements that are being made. I watch a lot of football. I have multiple fantasy teams and I am very interested in the analytical side. I enjoy a good night out at a club with friends but at the same time a nice small game night always keeps me interested.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • Thats interesting that you watch Formula One, i am also into cars but not really F1. I think I should get more into F1 and the complexity of it. I am more of a BMW guy and I like to modify cars and work on them.

  • Hey I have an interest in formula 1 too, I have watched it for a very long time now. I just wish Lewis wasn’t leaving to Ferrari which kind of sucks. We Definitely share a lot of the same interests.

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