My Interests

I am interested in music. I love to sing and dance as well. I also love to play Just Dance and I play that game all of the time. RuPaul’s Drag Race is also my favorite show. I watch every single season and even the international seasons. I also have loved Lady Gaga ever since I was six years-old. I have loved every single song that she has released and I’ve seen every movie that she has acted in.

3 Responses to My Interests

  • Hello JJ. I believe we are in the same class. I, too, love music and have sung in choirs and other projects. Hope all is well.

  • Hi JJ,
    Great to learn about your passion for music, singing, and dancing, especially with Just Dance. If you ever want to chat about Gaga’s new release, please feel free to reach out.
    Have a nice semester!

  • Hello JJ,

    I also enjoy music a lot but only on a recreational level. Your passion will get you far in that industry and I wish the most luck on your pursuits and adventures.

    Take care!

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