Haoran Liu

BBA in Supply Chain Management, Fox School of Business, Temple University


I am Haoran Liu, a determined Chinese student, hails from a humble background in rural China. Fueled by his parents’ emphasis on education, he excelled academically despite limited resources. Winning a scholarship to study abroad, I embraced the challenges of adapting to a new culture and educational system. Pursuing his passion for supply chain, I specialized in Supply Chain Management, blending academic excellence with practical experience through internships and extracurricular activities.  Beyond professional success, my journey fostered personal growth, instilling values of diversity, collaboration, and lifelong learning. My story epitomizes the transformative power of education and determination, inspiring others to pursue excellence and make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields.

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  • HI, I am also majoring in MIS for the same reason. In additional, I believe that this is a more practical degree and will direct me to real world applications, instead of theory.

  • I am not majoring in MIS, but I will say this class has caught my interest. I feel like this class will help me out a lot with real world business problems.

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  • Hi, I am Zhen. I am not MIS students,but I feel this course is really helpful to resolve some business problem by IT.

  • I am not majoring in MIS but it seems like an interesting field to be in so should be a good and engaging class

  • I am not major in MIS, but i think this class can help me clearly understand the procedures of doing business.

  • I am not MIS major, but I am thinking in minoring in it, it seems like an interesting filed

  • I’m not an MIS major, but since I began learning about it, I have had a huge interest in it. I believe that MIS will help me better understand the language of business and the processes that occur daily.

  • I am not majoring in MIS, but have gained some traction to finding some sort of interest in it. MIS allows. me to be aware of how the innovation in technology and business operations can drastically change. in such short time.

  • I am not and MIS major but I am eagle to learn more about it considering information systems and technology are already apart of my everyday life tasks.

  • I am not a MIS major but am very interested in it, and learning about how business operations work and the whole process that is involved.

  • It is very interesting to hear that you are a MIS major. I am a business administration major but have thought about switching to MIS due to being in the MIS class that I am in now. I love how MIS has taught me about business operations and the technology that goes in it as well.

  • I am not an MIS major. I do think MIS is very important to the business world and I want to know more about it so I will be more adept at my future position.

  • Hi, I’m Mitchell. I am not an MIS major, but I do think MIS is very important in the business world and I am interested in learning more about it. Many say it is the language of business and I want to know the everyday life of an MIS major.

  • Hi I’m Robert and I’m not an mis student but i Am finding myself enjoying the class! I believe that MIS is a very important subject in the modern era of technology.

  • I am not majoring in MIS, but I do feel as though is it very relevant in order for us to be successful with technology.

  • Although MIS is not my major, I do believe it is something that will help me in whatever it is I choose to do!

  • I am not majoring in MIA, but I feel it is a growing field and the skills I can learn from this class will be transferable to my major. I am excited to where it will take me!

  • I’m not majoring in MIS, but this major is very interesting and has a lot to it