My Interests

I am interested in many aspects of business, ranging from the back lines of Management Information Systems to the frontlines of Marketing. In my studies, I plan to learn about as many aspects of business as possible and the different strategies incorporated into every part.

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  • Hi Caleb, I have similar interests in learning about the different aspects of business and how you can use them to your advantage. I am very interested in using business strategies to help give your company and advantage. One question I would have to you is how does the backlines of MIS and the frontlines of marketing related?

  • From my view on the two is that they are both important parts of running a successful business. MIS typically identifies the relationships and the benefits different firms will offer. Marketing and Advertising is one of the first things the average consumer would see of a business. That part of business is what would allow for a larger target audience, allowing for more sources of revenue for a business. However, it is a big part of the Marketing branches job to use their people skills to connect with more firms and people.

  • Hi Caleb, I see that you have a good sense of the different aspects of a business and how a business is managed. The more I learn about MIS, the more I understand how crucial it is for a business and its management. Would you say that you are more interested in the back end MIS or the front end marketing? If so why? Do you think you could ever do both?

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