Work Experience

I am a sophomore in college, as of late, I do not have any work experience to write about. However, I do have certain experiences that gave me skills that I can utilize in my major. In high school, I was a part of an organization called Youth Volunteer Corps., and was one of many founding members of the Philadelphia branch. Throughout the course of my time in YVC, I was a student leader. As part of the role as a student leader, I sometimes would lead weekly meetings, but the main thing I did was leading projects. The projects that I lead involved researching issues in impoverished countries, taking the research and turning it into some sort of project that either raises money or materials for those countries, and reflecting on the projects at an annual convention. All in all, even though I have no work experience, the skills that I have retained with the experience in my organization will help me in any of my future work experiences.

Nhat Nguyen

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