My Interests


I have been watching anime since I was a child and later on started to read mangas. During the quarantine is when I watched the most with my sister. One of my all-time favorites is Dragon Ball, not DBZ or DBSuper, but the first Dragon Ball series when Goku was a child. I enjoy anime and mangas from different genres, I like action, adventure, comedy, gore, etc. they all bring my emotions out of me and I would cry watching/reading some of them.






I consider myself just a little above average with my drawing skills. I like to use whatever I have in hand to draw, like a pen or a mechanical pencil. I also like acrylic paintings even though I am better with graphite and ink. Digital drawing is a no go for me, tried it but can’t really feel the satisfaction in my hands when I draw something. I like the look of sketchy drawings more than the ones with very clean lines because they feel more casual and laid back but at the same time very well done.







I like traveling a lot and have been to several countries before with my family. Most of them were visited during a cruise through Europe. Last summer went on another cruise to Alaska and it was amazing. Also been to a few National Parks here in the United States and looking forward to visiting more of them. I would love to go on a road trip with someone I know I could spend a lot of time without getting tired of that person and my ultimate travel goal is to try food from all over the world.

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  • Hi Ying, I find your interest to be very relateable as I share many interests alike with you, after viewing your page. From your page, you seem like a very down to earth person and I believe in the business industry it’s important to connect with people in that way. I love Dragon Ball Z too, as that is a very nostalgic childhood memory of mine! Your drawings are amazing. It shows that you’re very creative and you are able to bring creative aspects in a business environment. I recently got into digital drawing and I think it’s cool but I completely agree how it does not give this satisfaction of drawing with a pencil or paper. It’s amazing that you got to experience traveling to different countries. It’s always been a dream of mine to travel the world.

    • Hi Michelle, thanks. I am only doing this for a class and was never expecting anyone to actually see it (beside the professor of courde). But yeah, it is so cool that we share common interests ^-^. A lot of people prefer DBZ over Dragon Ball but I definitely like Goku as a child a lot more than the long intensive fights. And I really hope to travel around the world one day maybe by myself or with some friends, who knows.

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