Work Expericence

Meers Construction LLC, Avalon, NJ       

  • Build decks and walkway in Avalon and Sea Isle for residents
  • Worked on small home projects such as building pouch swings, benches and chairs
  • Refloored and renovated entire houses

City Center Investment Corp., Allentown, PA                                        

  • Preformed statistical analyst to present multiple verbal PowerPoint presentations to the executive board to aid in decision making for future development
    • Summarized current resident profiles to conclude and highlight on employment base, demographics and income
    • Toured and reported on office amenity and buildings tenant types
    • Researched and reported trends on multivenue event centers
  • Collected images and mapped out problem areas arrowed the city blocks being developed by City Center, that summery was then given to the city of Allentown for suggested beatification and enhancements
  • Hand delivered questionnaires to the surrounding neighborhood to gather feedback about additional retail being built
  • Assisted in onboarding 500 new commercial tenants into newly constructed office building


  • Toured the property with prospective tenants and provided a wealth of information in regard to its key features.
  • Invited prospects to fill out an application upon completion of the property tour.
  • Assisted in customer service, including greeting clients, entering work orders, preparing leases and resolving resident issues.
  • Kept meticulous records of all administrative tasks and correspondence with and from tenants.
  • 2018 project to move the company from paper to digital records

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