My Interests

My interests include supply chain management and psychology. As of recently, I have been interested in economics and management information systems because of the courses I have been taking this Fall 2020. I really enjoy being creative and working in groups.

4 Responses to My Interests

  • What a fascinating mix of interests! It seems like such a variance in supply change mgmt to psychology, but that can lead to such expansive job options in your future! I thoroughly agree that this semester’s MIS course has truly sparked an interest in me as well!

  • Hi Ting, I think it’s really great that you are interested in many different things. I think bringing psychology into the business world could be really beneficial and makes you different from many others. I thought my economics classes were really interesting too and maybe could be apart of my job in the future.

  • Hi Ting, I think you being intrested in Advertising (as well as many other things) is an amazing route to go with the jobs they offer. I love how you have many interests as this makes your learning very diverse and will open you up to many opportunities in life. Keep learning and gaining knowledge in these subjects!

  • Hey Ting, I find it great that you have many interests. You have many different interests and skills, which will make your learning experience more flexible for the future. We both have the same majors, but it is very nice to see that you have a more wide spread of interests!

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