My Interests

Hello! I love to hang out with people, going on hikes, fishing, exercising, literally anything outdoors. Recently I have been getting more into cars but it’s not the easiest hobby to get into.

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  • I love cars too, its a lot to learn, but you should check out some car shows. It’s a great way to network and meet other people in the community.

  • I love the outdoors, especially exploring creeks and nature trails. I’ve always wanted to get more into hiking, and I’m from Villanova, PA too! Let me know your favorite areas to hike!

  • I also love to hike and fish, and I especially love trout fishing. I saw you mentioned you are looking into business management – nice! You should look into consulting, I’ve heard great things about the profession and it’s always a different scenario. Perfect for someone who likes variability.

  • Hi Toby, long time no see! I saw your stories about your good fishing spots around your area all summer and they inspired me to find better spots near me up in Boston. I also spent a lot of time hiking in the area and found it to be one of the most relaxing forms of exercise when I couldn’t see my friends. Hope you’re doing well.

  • Hi Toby, I also love going on hikes and fishing! That is always a fun time

  • Hi Toby, I love to hear that you enjoy admiring the beauty of our world. I’ve also recently started learning more about cars, which is something totally new to me too.

  • Hi Toby! It is nice to hear that you take advantage of the outdoors. Many of people our age do not! It is wonderful to get out on a beautiful day. I enjoy hiking and exercising as well! My dad is very into cars too. You’re right, it does not come easy but after some time you will be surprised with how much you learn.

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