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I am a sophomore finance major, I am interested in financial advising as a possible career. Another interest of mine is real estate, it is not something I am actively involved in but I would like to be in the future. I also love sports, I played basketball growing up and through high school and I am also an avid golfer.

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  • HI Steven. I’m also a sophomore in the Fox School of Business. I like your interest in real estate because my nmom was involved in real estate as well, and it is something I am hoping to pursue internationally. I also notice we have similar interests in sports. Perhaps you can elaborate a bit more on what you’re currently interested in, in terms of business, such as what classes interest you the most, and what you’re hoping Fox brings to you.

  • Hello Steven! I am also a finance major. I too enjoy sports such as basketball. Best of luck this semester!

  • Hi Steven, I am currently a undeclared business major thinking of Finance. I see that you are interested in becoming a financial advisor, best of luck to you and your career aspirations. Do you have any advice as I look more into the major of Finance.

    • The best advice I have is to try to reach out to any professionals you can who are working in the Finance field, they could help you get a better idea of possible career paths if you chose to declare as a Finance major.

  • Hello Steven. I also share an interest in sports due to being an athlete while growing up. Although I am a marketing major, I spent last summer as an intern at a financial advising firm in my hometown. I learned about the financial planning field and the vast number of opportunities that lay within it.

  • Hello Steven. Although I am a junior in accounting major, I still know some about finance and I might consider it as my career in the future. Property seems used to be a crazy and excellent industry and you can be an property internship.

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