My Interests

I am really interested in doing commercial real estate, marketing, and possibly get involved with retail. As a marketing major, there is a chance that I can do any of these interests of mine with my degree.

3 Responses to My Interests

  • Hello Sonia, my name is Jorge. I love the fact that you are interested in doing commercial Real Estate. It is actually something I am very interested as well. In fact, I own a Real Estate company with my dad and is a great way to learn different areas of the business from a more practical approach.

  • Hi Sonia, my name is Akshat. Great to see you having interest in retail, even I am interested in retail and combining it with digital marketing.

  • Hi Sonia, my name is Karina Minkus. I am a business major with an emphasis in marketing. I have recently worked in retail and I agree that marketing goes hand in hand with retail and has a huge impact on retail sales.

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