My Interests

I enjoy learning about other cultures and traveling across the world. I have been around India and am originally from Nepal. I’m quite interested in other eating cultures. I speak four different languages: Hindi, English, Nepali, and Awadhi, and I want to learn Spanish as well as other languages.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • Hi Satish, I also enjoy learning from other cultures. I haven’t had the chance to travel to other countries besides Mexico but it will be a a great opportunity to make connections around the world. My friend group is multicultural and I enjoy trying their food and meeting their family. Spanish is my second language, a tip I would say is surround yourself with spanish speakers because there is a-lot of slang words.

  • Hi Satish, I also love other cultures and traveling. I am originally from Albania and I moved here 6 years ago. So far I have visited 13 states in the US and 5 countries in Europe. Good luck to you!

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