Personal Interests and Volunteer Work

Some of my personal interests are personal development and goal setting. I usually take an hour of my day everyday to work out and meditate so that my mental health is stable and well. I also love creating home designs on websites to envision how and what I would be selling if my career aspirations are to work out as planned. As for volunteering, I have been to Haiti on a missions trip for service helping to build a medical center for a developing community. It was a life changing experience that I truly will not forget because all of the people that I met were so impactful. The community was so grateful and welcoming to my group, and even made us cultural lunches everyday, absolutely so yummy. I enjoyed every moment being there, and the funny memories I had with the residents, as we laughed at my pronunciation of certain words from their language (Creole). I appreciate everything the Haitians have taught me and definitely will be visiting again to learn more. In addition, I participated in my High School’s Mini Thon event for three years consecutively and raised over $600 total for kids with pediatric cancer. I really enjoy this event because I am able to celebrate the funding for a life threatening disease with my close friends as we listen to families share their stories of how cancer has effected their lifestyles. During quarantine, I made lunches for the homeless every Sunday and brought them to the nearby church who then brought them to the people in need. I really loved this experience especially because I did this with my aunt and we bonded over benefiting the community.

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