Classes Taken

A few classes that left a large impression on me were:Marketing Management, Microeconomics, and Human Resource Management. Within these classes I feel as though they have taught me concepts and strategies for a better understanding of the business world that will stick with me for a while. Marketing has taught me that there is a bigger thought process behind the actual product being sold, for example customers while on a companies site are mapped based on where they are on the site/ for how long/ what they click/ etc. All of the data is inputted to the company to make a more customized web design for you, making you more likely to buy another product and or a product similar to what you have clicked on before. As well as the packaging being super important, one reason being because if a customer has not had/ tried your product or you’re new to the market, your product must look appealing to the eye. In microeconomics I was able to learn a lot about supply and demand and the importance of balancing the two entities to create a high profit for the business. In Human Resource Management, I was able to understand that a company has a lot of different job positions that work in different areas and all of which are supposed to communicate in order to run a smooth and successful business.


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