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Spencer BalonisContact Information:


Actuarial Exams:Date:

Society of Actuaries / Casualty Actuarial Society

Passed Exam FM / Exam 2June 2020

Passed Exam IFM / Exam 3FJuly 2020

Sitting for Exam P / Exam 1November 2020


Temple University’s, Fox School of Business, Philadelphia, PAGraduation: May 2023
Bachelor of Business Administration in Actuarial Science & Computer ScienceGPA: 4.0


University Honors ProgramFall 2019 – Present

Business Honors ProgramFall 2019 – Present

Dean’s ListFall 2019 – Present

Work Experience:

Knoebels Amusement ResortMay 2015 – August 2020


  • Daily management of a team of 10 employees
  • Resolved issues daily, with both customers and fellow employees, by formulating appropriate solutions which satisfy all parties
  • Served thousands of customers every day by conducting sales using a cash register and preparing food
  • Oversaw all day to day operations required within the foodservice industry


  • Programming in Python
  • Programming in Java
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access


  • Retirement Project:
    • We were assigned a project, in groups of two, where we were told to design a retirement plan for a client
    • Modeling was done via. excel using a wide variety of functions such as PivotTables, Cell References, etc.
    • We also assessed a variety of risk factors and determined how these could impact the fund, and what the best way to mitigate these would be, such as:
      • Social Security being defunded
      • Our client marrying and/or having children
      • A dramatic change in interest and inflation rates
      • Unforseen expenses such as large medical bills
  • Address Book Project:
    • I was assigned a project where I had to design an address book management program in python
    • I read in information from Microsoft Outlook .vcf files and converted into a data storage system designed by me
    • This data could then be manipulated, deleted, or appended to, via text commands inside the program
    • This data could then be exported back into Microsoft Outlook .vcf files for personal address book use

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