My Interests

Hi, My name is Sang Nguyen. I have many personal hobby and interests. Some of them include chess, gym, watching competitive sport, basketball, photography. The first time when I got into playing chess competitively was from my middle school. It was during lunchtime when I walked into my math class to ask for homework help, but instead, I saw many students were there playing chess against each other, so I ask my math teacher to learn. Interestingly I beat my math teacher the one who taught me how to play, later on, he invites me to join and compete for school I was able to bring home two trophies back to back for my middle school. My interests for basketball started during high school it was during my first time got invited to see the 76er game, which brought a lot of attention to me. Which I start to learn and played for fun ever since then. Lastly, photography was always my most interest hobby but I wasn’t able to have a professional camera until my freshman year of college. Ever since then I was able to raise my Instagram follower to seven thousand people. To check out my photography its call 18thperspective.

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  • I also played chess competitively in middle school and high school. Chess is an interesting game of strategy and concentration. Your instagram page: 18thperspective sounds very cool and I will visit it today.

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