My Interests

My Interests

Traveling is at the top of my bucket list and I would love to experience as many countries and vibrant cultures as possible in my lifetime. I’m most definitely a foodie and absolutely love to cook and experiment with different cuisine which ties right into my love of trying new things. Entrepreneurship is my biggest passion so I find myself constantly thinking of new ideas and plausible ways to implement them into business practices. This is why I’ve always been eager to run businesses, prompting me to open my own confectionery company in the 8th grade and work on countless family business ventures all through high school and, now, college. Everything to do with the Financial Markets and Technical Analysis fascinates me and I look forward to expanding my learning in that area. Apart from these, golf has been an interest since I first picked up a club at 11 and contrary to popular belief, it’s definitely a lot more exciting than I’d ever thought!

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  • Hey Ramya!

    Saw your intrests and thought they were similar to mine. I love to travel and hope to travel more soon. My favorite part about traveling is trying new food from every cultures

  • Hey Ramya,

    It was cool to see that we have a lot of the same interest. I love to cook and to try new things. Traveling is also something that I’ve always wanted to do. Hopefully we both will be able to travel more in the future!

  • Hey Ramya,
    I noticed we have some similar interests! I also love to try new things and plan to travel many places. I fascinated to hear gold is more fun that it appears to be. Hope the best for your future!

  • Hi Ramya, I see that we share many of the same interests. I am also really interested in cooking and traveling, and I love making and trying new foods. I also am interested in entrepreneurship and love creating new things! – Branwen

  • Hi Ramya! Your business ventures dating all the way back to the 8th grade are quite impressive! I love to hear about your interest in traveling and experiencing new cultures. I lived in St Andrews, Scotland last year and I can definitely attest to your love of trying new things. St Andrews also happens to be home to the world’s first golf course! The course is famous worldwide and it was absolutely beautiful; it’s crazy how much we have in common! -Anneliese

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