My Interests

Professional interests

I am very interested in personal branding, I aspire to open an International Consultation Firm one day, Negotiation and Leadership along with Consultation skills are definatly a must.

My main focus is Risk management and all its varients ,in addition to data management ,operations management ,change management ,and conflict management. I am really eager to gain analytical skills too like Business analysis ,Financial analysis ,and System analysis as well.

Personal interests

On a passionate note I am also very interested in the craft and science of perfumery and scents ,I would love to start my own Personal Perfume Brand, I have been planning to enroll at the perfumery and scents Academy in Paris to pursue this passion of mine and learn this beautiful craft.

6 Responses to My Interests

  • I think it’s super cool and interesting that you want to start your own personal perfume brand!!

  • I think its awesome that you have a love for such a niche topic. You also seem like you are very in top of every step that you need to get to where you want to go. I too think that the business of personal branding is also very interesting, if you have any key pieces of information that you think are important I would love to know.

  • I think it is very cool that you want to become an entrepreneur.

  • You are definitely a very motivated and well-rounded person. I am very impressed by your ability to have a super-clear vision of your future and what it will be looking like. I hope all your wishes will become true one day, and you will have success as an entrepreneur. All the best, Marin.

  • Not everybody has a clear eye for entrepreneurship, but you seem to have done your research and seem passionate about your future endeavors. That’s a quality many should be inspired by and look up to, you’re very much a leader.

  • This all seems pretty dope. You seem to have it all figured out and you seem very motivated and ambitious. Keep it up!

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