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I’m a Fox school of Business student at Temple University. I’m currently a freshman enrolled as a marketing major. My employment goal is to become a marketing research director for a major film production company. My captivation with the marketing industry starts with the crossover with other departments to optimize marketing efforts, I’m a big team player when it comes to group projects, and excel in communicational skills. The results of each project worked on is a good motivator for me to keep promoting my employers to maximum effort.

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  • Hello Omar, I came across your profile and I believe we have similar interests! What would be your dream company to work with?

    • My dream company would be A24 because its a fairly new production company that’s garnered a lot of attention, sweeping awards from even the most prestigious ceremonies. Being a new relatively new company means there’s lots of room for promotion.

  • Hello Omar, I appreciate your kind comment on my page, You seem to be determined as well, and equipped with the right mindset, I admire that very much, I agree progress at work definitely fuels you and motivates you to go higher, Media production is a big establishment and your marketing skills are definitely on demand can’t wait for you to achieve your employment goals.

  • Hi Omar! I see we share a lot of the same interests and both hope to pursue a career in marketing! I hope you accomplish everything you hope for!

  • Hello, Omar.I am Bao. Your intersets are really impressed.

  • Hello Omar, I see we both show many similar interests. You seem to be very talented and I hope you the best in everything you do!

  • Omar, that is a fascinating goal to be in the film production industry, if I may ask, what drew your attention to working in a company setting specializing in motion pictures?

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