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Everything about which I have a strong enthusiasm interests me. In my eighteen years of existence, I’ve discovered a few activities I enjoy doing, such as photography, volunteering, and traveling. Traveling forces me out of my usual environment, exposes me to new things, pushes me to engage with new people, and teaches me how to adjust to new environments. I enjoy documenting every joyful event that I wish I could relive, but it is not feasible, so I take a picture and live through that instead. I enjoy volunteering since it boosts my self-esteem and offers me peace of mind knowing that I have helped someone and changed their life.

9 Responses to My Interests

  • I definitely agree that traveling forces you to adapt and get out of your comfort zone. I spend a lot of time in Colombia with my family, and I learn something new about myself every time I go.

  • I can really relate to your views on traveling. It helps me gain inspiration for other aspects of my life and helps me learn a lot about myself. I take every chance to go to a new place whenever the opportunity arises.

  • I love your interest in photography and traveling. I’ve always taken a liking to both of those things and wish that I will be able to build my experience when dealing with both. Although I haven’t really been doing them for long I couldn’t imagine how beautiful it must be to capture time and the different views.

  • Hi! I also really enjoy traveling and photography. Traveling definitely has exposed me to new things and made me want to try things that I’ve never done before. Just like you I also love to document events in my life through photos and relieve those memories whenever I want.

  • I love how you mentioned traveling bringing you out of your comfort zone! I mentioned the same thing because it is something that I enjoy doing but can be challenging at times. It is also a great way to learn about other cultures to promote inclusivity in our workplaces.

  • I really love that you mention how you like travelling and photography. I’m the kind of same person who actually wants to travel a lot and has the same interests in photography.

  • Your interests are so cool! I find your take on traveling really interesting and I wish I too could travel someday to experience those things.

  • Hi, your interest is very cool and I love how you mentioned photography. I also enjoy volunteering, it’s so nice to know you.

  • Hey Nidhi, I could only imagine the places you visited while traveling. I love to take photos of everything as well! The thought of looking back at the past and reminiscing is so euphoric. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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