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My career interest is in accounting, specifically audit, and I would eventually like to get into forensic accounting. Since forensic accounting tends to be in more of an advisory or consulting role, I am minoring in both finance and legal studies in order to have a solid foundation of knowledge to analyze financial information and understand the rules that guide financial decisions in order to better identify where a rule was broken and why. Additionally, my high school jobs have been in customer service, giving me communication and organizational skills that I will continue to use and develop every day as an accountant.

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  • Hi Madison, based on your interests, it seems like you’re very analytical plus have good interpersonal skills!

    I feel similar to you in that sense, I am also looking to work in a consulting and advising role in finance or accounting.
    I also used to work with customers for years. It’s definitely an advantage to have good communication skills.

  • Hi Madison, i really like accounting too! I am hoping to work in that feild.

  • Hi Madison, based on your interests it seems as though you have great analytical skills. I can concur that Customer Service Jobs gives you communication and organizational skills because I feel that I have also grasped those skills after working with Customer Service.

  • Hi Madison, I also want to pursue a career in forensic accounting! I also have an interest specifically in audit. I currently work in customer service and definitely think that the skills learned will benefit me in my future career.

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