• Timothy Span posted an update 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    @terry-bowens Hey Terry, seems like we have some common interests in Human Resource Management and Marketing Communication. Seems like we both seem to be good with people. Is there a job you had in mind that directly deals with customers or people?

    • Hey @timothy-span, we share a plethora of common interests, my end goal after my MBA is to go back and major in Psychology, I truly enjoy listening to people and understanding their stories, all in all, I truly enjoy dealing with people. How about yourself? Is there one specific thing in mind that you’d like to do that deals with people? Best Regards

      • Hello @terry-bowens, I as well like listening to people. I honestly was thinking some kind of radio broadcast. My interest is in sports so if i can talk to people about sports on radio that would be ideal.

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