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    Hello! My name is Salem Saleh and I am a Business Management major here at Temple. My interests are teamwork and operations management. I’d like to learn more on how I can be a better team player and a better leader. Wishing everyone the best of luck with their classes this semester!

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    This is an unpopular opinion: the Philadelphia Eagles will turn their season around and win the division.

  • @jordyn-huhnke
    Hello Jordyn,
    My name is Salem Saleh. I noticed that you are also majoring in Business Management, and your interests are similar to mine. I wish you the best of luck in this field and that your time at Temple is pleasant!

  • @terry-bowens
    Hello Terry,
    My name is Salem Saleh. I see that you’re majoring in Business Management. How do you like your time at Temple so far?

    • Hi Salem,

      I’m liking it so far, the only downside is that it’s virtual (due to the pandemic) but other than that it’s going well, have met a lot of cool individuals. How are you enjoying your time being an OWL?

  • Forensic accounting is not as common of a field to go into, however the skills one developes as an accountant are very transferable. I wanted to create this group so that those interested could find others with thier specific interest, or those not sure what they might want to do with accounting can explore another option. Hope this group can…[Read more]

  • @paige-odonnell Hello, we have a few similar interests, including accounting and audit!

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  • Pizza Delivery Driver 
    Fry Cook  
    Assistant Manager at Pizza Restaurant

  • Salem Saleh wrote a new post, Resume, on the site Salem Saleh 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Salem Saleh

    Philadelphia, PA 19149  19149, Philadelphia, PA  • (267) 265-9013 • tug43924@temple.edu

    Professional Summary

    Organized and dedicated Administrative Assistant with a proven track record of pro […]

  • Salem Saleh wrote a new post, My Interests, on the site Salem Saleh 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    I like to cook, whether it’s in my free time, or if I’m working. I like to work with others. I like learning about businesses. I like discovering places around Philadelphia.

    • Hello Salem. I also really enjoy learning about business. Though I am a Finance major on paper, I am not concrete about what career I would like to pursue. Because of this, I take learning about other aspects of business very seriously, since any of them could be the field that grabs a firm hold of my interests and that I am passionate about. In my downtime, I also really enjoy cooking. My grandmom is the best cook I know and prepares the most amazing German dishes that she learned while living with my Grandfather in Germany while fighting in the war. Though many of my dishes are very simple chicken and various red-meat based recipes, I would love to learn more about cooking and expand on what I am capable of making.

      • Hey Ryan,

        I appreciate your comment. I’ve never really tried traditional German foods. I’ve tried American reiterations/copies of German food, but never really from the motherland itself. I am of Middle Eastern descent, so if you ever wanted to try something with a plethora of flavors and spices, that is the way to go!

    • Hi Salem,

      I absolutely love to cook as well! Food and travel are some of my biggest passions and I try to experiment with new dishes and cuisines as much as possible. I see from your comment that you’re Middle Eastern! I think Middle Eastern food is absolutely delicious and I try to cook new recipes any chance I get. I happen to be Indian and I think our cuisines are quite similar with how many spices and flavors we incorporate in our food! Have you eaten or tried cooking any Indian food recently? Considering that you love Middle Eastern flavors, I think you’d really enjoy Indian cuisine!


      • Hello Ramya,
        I love Indian food. Although I do not eat it very often, I have tasted it a couple of times. My uncle, who is an executive chef in the Middle East, holds Indian cuisine at the top of his list. Over the centuries, through trade, our cultures have produced so many flavors and spices that are very similar, yet so wonderful. Thank you so much for your comment!

        Salem Saleh

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  • My career interest is in accounting, specifically audit, and I would eventually like to get into forensic accounting. Since forensic accounting tends to be in more of an advisory or consulting role, I am minoring […]

    • Hi Madison, based on your interests, it seems like you’re very analytical plus have good interpersonal skills!

      I feel similar to you in that sense, I am also looking to work in a consulting and advising role in finance or accounting.
      I also used to work with customers for years. It’s definitely an advantage to have good communication skills.

    • Hi Madison, i really like accounting too! I am hoping to work in that feild.

    • Hi Madison, based on your interests it seems as though you have great analytical skills. I can concur that Customer Service Jobs gives you communication and organizational skills because I feel that I have also grasped those skills after working with Customer Service.

    • Hi Madison, I also want to pursue a career in forensic accounting! I also have an interest specifically in audit. I currently work in customer service and definitely think that the skills learned will benefit me in my future career.

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