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    Hey my name is Bella,
    I’m a junior marketing major here at Temple University. This group seems awesome keep up the good work!

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    Hey Aayush,
    It seems like we have a lot of similar professional interests! Aside from that, I also really enjoy going to concerts in the summer and working out in my free time.

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    @cameron-bailey Hey Cameron! I really like and respect that you’re an accounting major but clearly have interests in other fields like marketing! I can relate to you in that way!

  • I am currently applying for internships for this summer to hopefully gain some professional experience.  For now, however, I have had experience working jobs in the retail and restaurant space.  I worked as a h […]

    • I am looking to intern in Summer 2021 as well. I believe that if I get do an internship next summer, my chances of getting a job right after graduating from college are high.

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    Hello and thank you for visiting my website!

    I am a Marketing major at the Fox School of Business at Temple University!  I am on track to graduate in 2022 which would make me currently a first-semester third […]

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    As a marketing major in the Fox School of Business at Temple University, my interests are expansive.  I am interested in the technicalities and statistics involved in most business majors such as accounting and […]

    • Hi Isabella! I think it is great that you are interested in the technicalities of your major because it demonstrates the passion you have for your career. Based off of your interests, I think that you will be a great fit in marketing. Best of luck with the rest of the semester, and your future career.

    • Hello Isabella, I’m happy to find so many other students that share my interests. I too am very interested in the statistics behind predicting risk for business investments. I am an actuarial science major and I’m learning a variety of different things when it comes to putting specific skills to use in the field; being creative is a big one too! Good luck with your studies and I hope you find all the success you’re looking for!

    • Hello Isabella! I think thats a really great way to approaching finding a suitable career path in life. I am very interested to know where you end up eventually! i assume one side will win in the end, the statistical or the creative. I myself love numbers and find myself gravitating towards a path like that. Hope you find success and happiness with you life and work!

    • Hi Isabella! I think marketing is a great career path for you to explore your creativity. Being interested in accounting and risk management can be hard because of the lack of creative atmosphere, but marketing gives you that perfect median where you can open so many different doors. Wishing you the best of luck in your marketing career!

    • Hi Isabella! I think that it is so good that you enjoy seeing the different aspects of the business world, including statistics and risk management because it is very beneficial to be a jack of all trades like you are. Adding the creative interests definitely makes marketing a perfect major for you as well.

    • Hi Isabella! I think it is great that your career interests are in line with what you think you will find success in both professionally and personally. It seems like the major of marketing within the Fox School of Business is a perfect fit for you!

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    Isabella Tighe
    BBA in Marketing, Fox School of Business, Temple University
    Thanks for looking at my e-portfolio! I am originally from Philadelphia, PA, and went to Mount […]

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