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    Hi there! I have thoroughly enjoyed the variety of courses in this major. There is such potential for using the diversity of these classes in future careers! My current MIS course has really been informative and provided a lot of resources to utilize moving forward!

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    What a fascinating mix of interests! It seems like such a variance in supply change mgmt to psychology, but that can lead to such expansive job options in your future! I thoroughly agree that this semester’s MIS course has truly sparked an interest in me as well!

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    @helen-pearce I enjoyed reading your profile, and think it is awesome that you chose Bus Mgmt for the future diversity in employment options! I liked your interests, too, and hope you continue skateboarding and maybe look into joining one of the Philly fem boarding groups!

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    A/P and Clerical:
    Accounts payable, purchase order vouchering, data entry, payroll including direct deposit, support to Controller for monthly, quarterly and yearly tax submissions, general secretarial duties, […]

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    10/07 – present                                          Xxxxxx Construction Company                                     Xxxxxxx, PA

    Project Coordinator:
    Assistant to Project Managers with construc […]

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    I have worked in administrative roles in the construction industry for a number of years, and recently changed my career path to an administrative support position in safety and security. I enjoy working in a […]

    • It seems to me that you are very well-rounded in business. I am also interested in statistics and its relations to technology as well as risk management. Being able to be in the supportive role is a very good attribute to have especially in the mostly team-work centric business world. Wishing you all the best!

    • Hi Dawn,

      You have a lot of experience with administrative and IT roles. I also enjoy working in a supportive role because I find that I am very organized and able to multi-task. Wishing you success!

    • Dawn,

      I enjoy statistics as well and it is rare for me to find someone who enjoys statistics. Wishing you success in your new career path!

    • Hi Dawn,
      I think MIS is a good course, it teaches us how to use information system to improve management skills

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    Dawn Risser
    BBA in Business Management, Fox School of Business, Temple University

    Email: dawn.risser@temple.edu
    I grew up in Maryland, although lived the last half of my life in Lancaster, PA. I […]

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