My Interests

My professional interests include, investments, stocks, real estate opportunities, as well as many of the topics affiliated with economics. My non-professional interests include golf, snow sports, playing guitar and producing music, and keeping up with professional Philadelphia sports teams.

6 Responses to My Interests

  • Hey Matthew I to love to play golf as well. Do you have any course recommendations around Philadelphia where I could play on the weekends?

  • Hey Matthew, glad to hear you are a Philly sports fan as well. I am also interested in real estate and enjoy playing golf. What kind of music do you produce?

  • Hey Matthew, that’s pretty cool that you produce music if you don’t mind me asking what kind? Also, love playing golf in my free time at John F Byrne’s and if not there, Walnut lane.

  • Hello! I think it’s great that you are interested in real estate. I hope to invest in real estate someday! I also play guitar in my free time, it’s a beautiful instrument.

  • Hi Matthew! I love watching the stock market and try to observe it on a daily basis as well. Do you actively trade in the stock market? I also love watching the Philadelphia sports teams play! Go Eagles!

  • Hey Matthew, I also love playing guitar and am trying to get myself to start playing golf! great interests

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