My Interests

Focused customer relations professional skilled in customer relations, data entry, and customer/client issue resolution. I am accomplished in providing excellent customer service and meeting all jobs expectations in an excellent manner. I am offering experience in related roles, as well as a passion for improving service delivery, enhancing knowledge and exceeding expectations. I am interested in personal development. I love to take courses and read books in my free time to learn how to become more effective and efficient in my everyday life. 

3 Responses to My Interests

  • Hi Lauren! We have a lot in common in our interests with customer relations, conflict resolution, and human resource management. Customer service is of very high importance as well- this is a focus in my current career as I service the public daily. Personal development is also a goal I work towards every year in my professional career. It’s important to always evolve and grow with the ongoing changes in our world and aligning with those who work for you. My major is Human Resource Management. I want to learn more about the people side of the business, and having a degree in this field will empower me to continue my personal growth and developing my team members and peers through different avenues. Thank you for connecting with me and have a great semester!

  • Hey Lauren,

    I’m also a business management major who has experience with customer/client resolution in addition to data entry. As somebody who has had roles indirectly and extremely directly in contact with customers I find it a passion too. Delivering upon those expectations is not just a standard but a great feeling when you get to see gratitude or how content those you are working with or for are. Personal development is definitely an important goal to consistently work for and never ending! Best wishes moving forward with this semester and further on your growth.

  • Hi Lauren,
    We have a few things in common regarding customer service and meeting all job expectations in an excellent manner. I always strive to do my best in the workplace as this is very important to me. I am also interested in personal development and feel that continuous learning and growing, helps in all other areas of life.

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