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I am interested in many things which include, teamwork, learning new things, and even trying new things. Some industries I find most interesting are those relating to Business, Advertising, Sales, and even Communication industries. Some personal interests I have are cheerleading, working, and even just spending time with friends.

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  • Hi, my name is Yu Lu. My major is Marketing. I see we have the same interest which is business. I am a sophomore in Fox business. I am still taking the basic courses. Hope you have a good semester!

  • Hi, I am Veronica Faso and I am also a marketing major! I love learning new things as well which I think is really important being business majors. Have a good semester!

  • Hi Kayla, I am Sydney Clarke. I am also interested in teamwork, learning and trying new things. I also agree that the Business and Sales industries are very intriguing. My father is in the Sales industry. I was also a cheerleader for 13 years! I hope your semester is treating you well!

  • Hi Kayla, I am Ximeng Zhang who is a sophomore marketing major. It is great that you are interested in trying new things and teamwork, because I think they are important in business. I hope you can do well in this semester.

  • Hi Kayla, I am Taylor Alba. I am also a marketing major and interested in teamwork! I enjoy spending time with friends as well, I hope you have a great rest of the semester!

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