Kayla Healey

Marketing Major

Finance & Psychology Minor

Philadelphia, PA

Work Experience:

Babysitter to 3 children. Cooked, drove, tutored, cleaned, etc. Learned how to manage my time, while having another job and school work. Developed a good work ethic by managing when and how I would do my tasks. 2016-2019.

Sales Associate at TJ-Maxx. Cleaned store, organized merchandise, stocked merchandise, greeted customers, helped customers find specific merchandise, worked the cash register, trained new employees. Learned how to manage my time between babysitting and school. Learned how to deal with unsatisfied or rude customers. Developed better communication skills. Learned to work together with multiple employees. 2017-2019.


High School Diploma
Delaware Valley High School. August 2015 – June 2019.

Temple University 2019 – present.

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