My Interests

Being a legal studies major, I am very interested in the field of immigration/international law. Currently, I am enjoying my MIS class and might want to pursue that field in some way. My hobbies include listening to music and playing the piano. Language is also one of my passions; I hope to be fluent in Spanish by the time I graduate. In addition, I enjoy listening to true crime podcasts and watching Netflix documentaries.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • Hi Kennedy, I find it very admirable that you would like to pursue a career in immigration or international law. As our world continues to grow more interconnected, it is important that we work with others from outside the US to better our country and contributions to international relations.

  • Very cool. I think immigration law is very important. It’s awesome that you enjoy MIS class, I am sure your professor appreciates it. Music is a great way to relax outside of work and school so keep it up!

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