Fresh For All- Volunteer Work

One of my company’s initiatives is “Be a Better Neighbor”. We do this by volunteering in our communities, partnering with EMS personnel for events, working on sustainability and going green, and hosting kid events around holidays such as Halloween and Christmas. With the novel coronavirus pandemic, many things have had change to protect our customers and team members. But one volunteer group we partner with found a way to continue their work amidst the pandemic. We work with the Keystone Opportunity Center out of Souderton, PA. The name of their event is “Fresh for All”, meaning everyone deserves fresh food every day. The goal is to help feed those in need within our community. Pre-COVID, this food bank would go to different churches or other community buildings and have food donated to give out to families in food boxes. When the pandemic hit, they were shut down temporarily, but found a way to help those in need. They became a mobile food bank and would set up in the parking lot of that community building, and have a stop from each donation to be loaded into that person’s car. If they didn’t have a car, they would bring a wagon or cart of some sort for us to load up for them and they could take the food afterwards. This is a great volunteer opportunity we go to once a month to help our community!

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