My Interests

Ever since I was young, I have always been drawn towards literature and creative writing. These interests transformed into skills during my grade-school years where I was able to hone my writing; eventually entering in contests to have my creative work ranked. On the side, I loved to play video games on all kinds of platforms. This didn’t spark an interest in technology, but instead allowed me to marvel at the beautiful storytelling in each game I played. I dreamed of one day being able to work with a team to develop an insightful and complex story to give the same experiences I had to other players like me.

Once I entered college, I began to think about real estate. I remember growing up in Port Richmond and coming back a decade later to see that the area had been getting better. I wondered what kind of factors went into making an area more expensive, and I began looking into real estate. Today, I am close to receiving my license to sell real estate. Through this process, I came across insurance and began working to get my license selling property and casualty insurance. I intend to get the same license to sell life and health insurance, as well. In the future I plan to become a broker in both real estate and insurance.

These interests and skills led me to Fox School of Business, where I am now an Entrepreneurship and Innovation major. With that, I hope to eventually start my own firm in either real estate or insurance. I also hope to work with a game developing studio to manage innovation and be a part of the writing team. I believe that my variety of interests and skills will guide me to where I want to be in my future.

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  • Hey Joana, I think it’s so cool how you have so many interests that will hopefully lead you to many amazing opportunities in the future. The fact that your interests are so different from each other shows your creativity, which is great for innovation. Good luck in receiving your real estate license, I wish you all the best!

  • Hi Joana, you have some awesome and unique interests. I think your major suits what you like to do very well and good luck in pursuing your goals.

  • Hey Joana, your unique and different interests definitely suit your major. Good luck with acquiring your licenses and I wish you the best.

  • Hi Joana, your background and interests are incredible. I wish you the best of luck with getting your licenses and achieving your goals!

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