My Interests

Some of my non-educational interests include fitness, volleyball, competitive swimming, international travel, and music of all genres. Recently, I have also developed an interest in cooking and living a pescatarian lifestyle.

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  • India, I was intrigued by your interest in volleyball. I played soccer all my life including in highschool but I always enjoyed playing volleyball on the beach and wish I was more competitively involved.

  • Hi India! I also like to be active and workout! I’m also so excited to travel internationally in the future. Living on my own, I’ve also developed an interest in cooking!

  • Hey India, I am also starting to switch to a more pescatarian lifestyle. I recently watched a documentary about how much better vegetables can be for you as a source of protein, and I’m slowly trying to make the transition to cut out a lot of meat and dairy.

  • Hi India. I have also recently developed a love for cooking over the past year. While I still incorporate meat into my meals, I like to try all different things.

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