My Interests

I am interested in using the skills I obtained from marketing, accounting and sales to help others.  I have a passion for helping those with medical disabilities, making myself a great fit for medical sales, more specifically prosthetic limbs.  Aside from the medical sales industry, I am also interested in working as an accountant or using my accounting skills in a business.

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  • Hi Isabella,
    We shared the same interest in accounting, and I like how you have a passion for assisting medical disabilities. That is very gracious of you.

  • Hi Isabella,

    I also love the field of accounting and find it extremely important in the business world. Your profile is impressive, and it’s very cool that you are so passionate about helping other people!

  • Hi Isabella,
    I am so interested in accounting! I am currently taking Financial Accounting and learning very significant information. I also have debated becoming an accountant!

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