Professional Goals

Improve Networking Skills

I would like to use platforms like Social Media, Linkedin, and even Temple Eportfolios to make business connections that can lead to new exciting opportunities. Ideally, at events and other functions I could make connections that could lead to internships, jobs, and new projects.

Improve Verbal Communication

In the age of the Internet, it appears a generational gap is forming. Messages can get lost in the shuffle when some workers are more interested in spoken word and others are more interested in email and other written forms of communication. I would like to work on making verbal communication a priority and become more comfortable talking about any issues instead of sending an email.

Enhance Leadership Abilities

Being a good leader is extremely important as a student of business. I would like to take on more leadership roles to have new experiences in leadership and make mistakes now as a business student instead of as a business professional.

Learn New Technology

As I previously stated, this is the age of the Internet. The Internet is the future and it isn’t something I want to fall behind in. I would like to become familiar with technologies before they are introduced in any setting I may be in (work, studies, etc.) and stay one step ahead in any thing technology related. My main goal in this category is to start by becoming advanced in Microsoft Excel and go from there.

Say “yes” more

When asked if I want to do something, I would like to accept first and think later. By saying yes I cut out the chance for me to doubt and am forced to attend any events and go after any opportunities that come my way. Who knows, one of these things can lead to my dream job!

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