Business Figures I Admire

Lisa Rinna

You may think of her as just a reality star but I see her as a marketing genius. Her haircut alone has become a staple of her brand. She is a business figure because she has made it clear that any business opportunity that comes her way she says yes before she even has the chance to think about it which has lead her to starring on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills giving her free marketing for herself, a seven figure endorsement deals with Depends, and her own line of QVC.

Ina Garten

Destined to be a housewife, Ina saw bigger things for her life. She started out as a White House staffer. Seeking a more relaxed lifestyle, she bought a specialty food store, The Barefoot Contessa, in East Hampton, New York. The business took off which eventually turned her into one of the most reputable lifestyle figures on the Food Network. She’s had nearly 20 seasons of her hit show, The Barefoot Contessa and has written more than ten cookbooks. She has branded herself and her husband, Jeffrey into a lifestyle phenomenon. How easy was that?

Claudia Oshry

Also known as “Girl With No Job,” Claudia took her desire not to work and turned it into a more than full time job. She started off by becoming Instagram Famous and turning that into a career which eventually gave way for her husband and sisters to make money through Instagram as well. She later started her own podcast called “The Morning Toast” which has brought together over 30,000 listeners and created a community with over 200 Facebook groups not to mention the podcast itself. Realizing she was on to something, she launched her own stand up comedy routine which has brought her all over the country telling jokes. The Girl With No Job has ended up having more jobs, and businesses than most with actual jobs!

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