Work Experience


United States Navy (USN)
Logistics Specialist (LS)                                                                                                                                                              Responsibilities:
• Maintaining ship or supply stores that is critical in the fulfillment of the mission
• Conduct and maintain periodic inventory of ship’s assets and budget parts
• Order parts and materials to sustain ship operations in port and at sea
• To keep a smooth flowing mailing system to improve morale on the ship

Ameco Staffing, Philadelphia
• Served as a supervisor for the company
• Made sure that jobs were done in a timely manner
• In charge of a 36 member staff, as well as a 7 members management team, with duties that include disciplinary actions, budgeting, special requests, program scheduling, and training.
• Responsible for scheduling maintenance calls, staff meetings, office re-locations, and construction projects.
• Responsible for a 3 members technical staff, with standard duties that included scheduling daily the kind of room, machines and accessories to be used, scheduling all employee at their line of duties, maintaining equipment, training and making report on the day to day activities of the company.

Estee Lauder Co, Bristol, PA
Sales Associate
• Worked during summer and winter holidays in store support and customer facing roles.
• Repeatedly recruited for return employment during the summer and winter holiday season.
• Demonstrated fast learning capacity, flexibility and versatile skill-set. Worked on the sale floor (Women’s Wear/Domestics), in the customer service department and as a front-end cashier service.

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