My Interests

I am interested in many topics in the professional world. Law is my primary interest, I love to learn about how the legal system works and how it is applied in our daily life. I also love arguing and debating with people so I can prove them wrong. Following after law another interest is accounting. I want to become a corporate lawyer and having a background in numbers will give me an edge against my competition. Outside the classroom I play Alto Saxophone and I have been playing nationally for almost twelve years. My other interests include lacrosse and critiquing movies.

One Response to My Interests

  • You have some great aspirations for your career and looks like you have an idea of how you want to spend your time at college. having a background in numbers will definitely give you an edge above the rest. I also have an interest in lacrosse and movies, I played for years and watching movies is one of my favorite past times.

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