My Interests

Professionally, I am interested in the world of finance and challenging myself. I like dealing with people and learn from them. At the same time, solving the issues they may have whether it is business-related or not. It also amazes me how normal people like us, began their business from raw materials to a successful business, which is part of the reason why I want to minor in entrepreneurship.

Not professionally, I enjoy making art and play sports. I may not be good at it, but it relaxed me when I find myself too overwhelmed or stressed.

One Response to My Interests

  • Hi Claudia, I am interested in the Finance/Marketing world myself and I believe it is so important to challenge yourself and be who you are! I very much agree that it is so possible to start from scratch and be something so amazing. I played many different sports for many years and though I was not the best, I can agree that it is a stress reliever. I would love to collab and talk business and see your perspective!

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