My Interests

My personal interests shape the field of study I have chosen, as well as my industry aspirations and goals. Upon becoming a volunteer at my local SPCA, I did not anticipate the eventual and profound impact it would have on my life. From my experiences of working with and training shelter dogs, or fostering for weekends to helping marketing with event photoshoots, the SPCA and nonprofit organizations alike are my primary career interest, as well as my personal passion.

4 Responses to My Interests

  • Hey Cassandra,

    That is so wonderful that you have gained so much from volunteering! Helping rescued/unhoused animals is such a noble cause, and also a great way to gain experience in marketing!

  • Hi Cassandra,
    I find it so interesting that you were able to work with shelter dogs and use your marketing skills in the process. I admire the fact that you were able to find something you love and incorporate it with your education!

  • Hi Cassandra,
    I am a dog lover and I find it amazing that you volunteer for the SPCA. Having three rescue dogs, I have lots of knowledge of how important it is to adopt and not shop. Keep up the great work!

  • Hi Cassandra!
    I loved reading about your time volunteering at an animal shelter! I spent many years volunteering at a shelter that specialized in helping cats! The photoshoot with Whitney was absolutely wonderful! It will be so interesting to see how your personal knowledge can help you in your marketing future!

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