My Interests

Hello, some of my interests include accounting, benefits, business analysis, creativity, and finance. I had the opportunity to take some college courses while still in high-school and really liked my financial accounting class, so I decided to major in accounting here at Temple. I feel that the things I know about accounting now do relate to business analysis. I haven’t learned much about finance yet, but I am interested. I also feel that benefits and creativity in the workforce will be important to me as I enter it, which is why I listed those as well.


2 Responses to My Interests

  • Creativity seems to be one of the most valuable attributes to carry with you through the business world. You will surpass al of your competition by being more creative than all of them.

  • Hello Chandler, I think its impressive how you have already done so much gearing towards your degree since high school and that you are interested in many aspects in the business world like accounting, finance, and business analysis.

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