My Interests

Professionally, I am mainly interested in the equity markets. I am currently focused on the Industrials sector and how macroeconomic/geopolitical/cyclical trends are affecting industrial companies. I espouse value investing, and look for companies who I believe are unfairly valued and are trading at a discount when investing. Outside of finance, I follow professional soccer leagues and enjoy playing sports, going to the gym, playing music, or riding my bike.

3 Responses to My Interests

  • I agree with your view on when to invest. I would recommend reading The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Garham. I also have a common interest with you in playing music, as I feel it relieves stress.

  • Hey Ben, I see we both have a lot in common! That’s so cool how you are in the Fox Fund, I was actually thinking about joining next year believe it or not. You said you were familiar with value investing, I think that’s so cool and I would definitely love to learn more about it!

  • Hey Benjamin, I think its awesome how you are strategically investing at such a young age since most people start late in their professional careers. I think your ideology is a good one and I’m sure you have seen success with it. What is your favorite soccer team?

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