My Interests

I have a wide variety of interests. In the sense of business, I find an interest in the communication aspect throughout most classes and how one can make a very good future for themselves as long as they are passionate about the business they are doing. In the marketing and MIS fields, I am extremely excited to find patterns and focal points in data to use to make more decisions.

As for my major interests other than in business,I love art, but mainly the aspect of getting to be creative,  and constantly staying active.

8 Responses to My Interests

  • I like your interests, it would be interesting if you could use your creativity in business.

  • Thats great! Creativity and communication skills are a necessity in the business world.

  • That is great you love being active, communicating, and creative. The business world is always changing and your interests are great.

  • It’s great that you have so many interests! I’m also interested in the communication aspect of classes. It seems like all your interests go really well with your major.

  • I like your idea with being creative with business. Creativity in today’s world is very hard to find. It seems as though your passion for art can help you for your career.

  • Hello Alyssa! I love how you have several interests in different aspects of business. I am also interested in finding patterns in data to better our business decision-making.

  • Hi Alyssa! I admire that you recognize the importance of collaborating between different fields of business with your marketing major and MIS minor. I am also interested in becoming a marketing major because of the creative aspects of the field.

  • I agree with you on your take about how if someone is passionate in their field, they can become successful but it all starts with the communication.

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