About Me

My name is Alyssa Piselli and I am a Marketing major pursuing a minor in Management Information Systems as well. I have always had a passion for the many aspects that come into play with not only just business but marketing and MIS in specific. I love building personal relationships with customers and other business partners. I find the data gathering process to be extremely interesting. Also, to organize and find patterns within the data to formulate information for the future is eye-opening and triggers a rush to put this knowledge to use.

I have watched my family members thrive in their business careers and have always looked up to the work they do. I have been in numerous business classes and am continuing to learn more about marketing tactics every day in my new classes. My favorite so far has been marketing management and working with groups to build our own business. In my MIS classes, I have had the opportunity to work through the data visualization process hands-on through Tableau and Salesforce. Other than the great resources Temple University has given me to grow in my profession, I made my own connections and am now the Marketing Management Coordinator of a data security company growing in Philadelphia.

So far, I have a lot of hands-on learning experiences with a profession I am eager to grow in but still cannot wait to continuously learn more every day. Business is constantly and quickly refashioning, and that is truly fascinating to me.

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