My Interest

I am interested in advertising as I am an Advertising major with a Digital Marketing minor.

I am very interested in sports. Growing up I played many which include softball, tennis, track & field, basketball, soccer, and swimming. My favorite sports to watch are baseball and football. I’m a big New York Yankees and New York Giants fan.

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  • I am also a big fan of sports. I grew up playing basketball and volleyball, and I love to watch basketball!

  • Similar to you, I played many sports. In high school, I played softball, basketball, and ran track. Maybe you’ll be able to incorporate your love and sports with your professional career.

  • Hi Allison! Very cool that you played quite a few sports growing up. I believe athleticism makes for perfect quality in a professional. Athletes never quit and some are quite ambitious.

  • I am also a fan of sports, specifically track & field, I’ve ran for almost half of my life!

  • Hey Allison! I am also a big fan of sports. I like to watch NBA. Whenever I watch the game, I will admire those people who can work with their interests. Thus, I am wondering how you would combine your major into your interest.

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