My Interests

My interests include a passion for film and capturing, or creating moments. I am a double major in Film and Marketing and hope to use both as I evolve as a creator and entrepreneur. I enjoy filming events, creating narrative short films, or even vlogs and videos for my youtube channel. I am also interested in the Beauty and Entertainment field. I’m enjoying the sports field and wish to one day be able to make visuals that would play during games, and manage social media profiles.  I’m also in the Esencia Latina Salsa dance team. I look forward to growing in everything I’m passionate at.

2 Responses to My Interests

  • Hi Yohana, I find your interest and passion for film to be inspiring and I’d be interested to see the marketing side of that field.

  • Hello Yohana, I saw that you expressed your interest in social and how you use it. I think it is extremely smart of you to use social media as a tool for self branding! Its incredible that you have used it for your business gain and success. Your doing great, Keep up the good work!

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