My Interests

Finance- I am currently a finance major and am eager to learn more about the finance world. I hope to learn about all that the finance world has to offer.

Real Estate- I want to pursue a minor in real estate and believe that it will be beneficial to my career. I hope to learn all about real estate so I can smartly invest my money in the future.

Business Ethics- Learning about business ethics interests me because it is such a vital part to any business. The ever changing ethics interest me and make me want to stay up to date.

4 Responses to My Interests

  • I think your interests are very admirable. They are very well rounded, which is something everyone in the business world should strive to be. I think it is very important to follow business ethics and keep them up to date. If a company does not maintain ethical practices, it may be detrimental to the company.

  • We have lots of common interests. I would like to minor in real estate as well. The real estate industry is very interesting and lots of opportunities can occur. I also agree that business ethics is a very important topic. There have been many issues in the past with business ethics. Learning about ethics can change how people do business and can make the world a better place.

  • Your interests are very diverse, going from finance and real estate, which is very admirable. I am also interested in Real Estate.

  • I am also interested in real estate for the purpose of investing my money well in the future.

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